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What are Gap Teeth?

Having a space (or spaces) separating your teeth can be called Gap Teeth, Gapped Teeth, Spacing, and if you’re a professional – Diastema.

What causes gaps in teeth?

Most young children will have space between their teeth at some point so that there’s space for the adult teeth to come through, and eventually the spaces will close up. In some cases that doesn’t happen, mostly due to hereditary jaw and or teeth issues such as having smaller than average teeth or a larger than average jawbone.

There are some other issues that can cause or affect Gap Teeth.

Can gaps in teeth cause problems?

There are many celebrities that have embraced the gap in their front teeth as part of their identity, and many of their fans find it an adorable characteristic.

Even so, if you have a noticeable gap, or if you have multiple gaps – possibly caused by small or missing teeth – then you may be self-conscious about your smile.

Importantly gaps can be an indicator that you have Periodontitis (chronic gum disease), so it’s important to go for regular check-ups to make sure you have healthy teeth and gums.

So how can gaps in teeth be fixed?

Children and Teenagers

Gap Teeth will usually close up as the adult teeth emerge, but as this is the ideal time to monitor and possibly correct crooked, crowded, or excessively spaced teeth it’s best to check in with your Orthodontist periodically so that they can monitor the progress and intervene early if there are any problems.

Depending on the cause of the spacing the options available include:


Braces and discreet aligners such as Invisalign can correct Gap Teeth in many cases, but you may required Veneers or Crowns to increase the size of small teeth, or in the case of severe spacing or missing teeth Bridges, Implants or Partial Dentures.

What's a diastema?

Diastema is simply the technical term for having one or more gaps separating your teeth.

Case Studies

Gap Teeth


Discreet Invisalign aligners were used to close the gap separating the front teeth


Your smile is unique...

…so your treatment will be as well.

Your local Orthodontist is specially trained to recognise the range of factors that contribute to Gap Teeth, and they will be able to explain your options and discuss with you what suits you best and what you want.

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