Use this page as a handy reference. It contains frequently asked orthodontic questions about what you need to know about braces, services and treatments offered by your local Clear Choice Orthodontist.

The information on this page can help you understand the various treatments that might be suggested by your orthodontist. Choosing the right orthodontist can be a difficult task however, here are a few questions and guides to help you.

Crooked Bottom Teeth

Your teeth can get more crooked with age. Clear Choice Orthodontists can suggest orthodontic treatments to fix crooked bottom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth and Orthodontic Treatment: Should I be worried?

Clear Choice Orthodontists can recommend orthodontic treatment if your wisdom teeth begin to affect your previously straight teeth.

Elastics for Braces: Rubber Bands in Orthodontics

Braces elastics, also referred to as rubber bands, are used in orthodontics to apply additional pressure in a specific direction to move individual teeth.

How Are Teeth Supposed to Sit for a Perfect Bite?

Human teeth are designed to fit together almost perfectly in a very specific pattern. Here's how orthodontists help you find your ideal bite.

Safe Eating With Braces: Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid

Anyone who wears fixed braces should avoid excessive snacking and should aim to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Foods you can't eat with braces include.

Getting Braces: Top Things You Need To Do Before

If you’re considering getting braces this can be quite a busy time, so we have listed some of the top things to do before you get braces.

How braces can change the shape of your face

Did you know that braces change your appearance in a number of different ways? We look at some surprising changes you might experience.

Diastema or Gaps Between Teeth

Whether you don’t mind the gap or prefer to fill it, you’ll find all the info you need about “gappy teeth” here.

Thumb sucking and your child’s teeth

Find out how thumb and finger sucking can affect your baby's mouth and get tips on how to help your child break the habit.

Does it matter if my child has crooked baby teeth?

Do you wonder if you should be bringing your child to an orthodontist to have their crooked baby teeth examined? We can help you understand the benefits of early intervention.

Teeth Straightening Options in Australia

Achieve a perfect smile with orthodontic straightening options. Effective methods of teeth correction and alignment depending on your specific needs.

Do Braces change facial shape and appearance?

How to attain the perfect facial shape with braces and orthodontic treatment? Learn about positive side effects of having the teeth and bite realigned.