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Clarity Aligners are a clear solution for straightening your teeth. The clear aligner system is custom fit for your smile – offering a treatment experience that is nearly invisible, convenient and comfortable.

All Clear Choice Orthodontists are qualified 3M Clarity Aligner providers.

What’s the difference between 3M Clarity Aligners, Braces and similar products?

These aligners are designed to treat mild to moderate orthodontic issues. For more complex or extensive orthodontic issues, your Clear Choice Orthodontist may recommend traditional braces, or a combination of 3M Clarity Aligners and Traditional Braces.

What are the benefits of 3M Clarity Aligners?


Product Overview

Straighten your teeth with Clarity.

3M Clarity Aligners - Overview

3M Clarity Aligners offers your Clear Choice Orthodontist the ability to perform a “combination” treatment.

Depending on your situation, your orthodontist may recommend the combination of clear aligners (typically on the top teeth) and traditional braces (typically on the bottom teeth) to straighten your smile over time. Combination treatment is an excellent option for patients with severe lower crowding, but less issues on their top teeth, and is unique to Clarity Aligners.

3M Clarity Aligners also differ from similar products!

Although both similar products are ultimately “clear,” these aligners are more low profile. The 3M Clarity Aligners come in more of a matte “clear color” which make them less noticeable while in your mouth.

Lower profile attachments

All aligners require attachments. 3M Clarity Aligners are more discrete requiring them to be lower in profile and smaller, and predominantly on the back teeth vs similar products. 

Case Studies

Open Bite


Discreet Invisalign aligners were used to correct the Open Bite.


Protrusive Teeth


The teeth were protruding due their position rather than a jaw misalignment, so Invisalign was a great solution to discreetly correct this Overbite.


Crowded Teeth


Invisalign aligners were used to discreetly correct the teeth alignment. 


Your smile is unique...

…so your treatment will be as well.

Your local Orthodontist will be able to discuss all of the options available for you, including Invisalign, and work out the ideal treatment plan for you.

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