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treating an overbite

In some cases it may be necessary to treat an overbite with surgery, however often this can be corrected with braces or even modern solutions such as Invisalign.

treating an underbite

Depending on your age and the severity of the underbite you may need minor surgery, or your Orthodontist may find a non-surgical treatment that will work for you.

treating a crossbite

Many types of crossbite issues can be treated with braces or aligners. Talk to your Orthodontist to find out what will suit you best.

treating an open bite

Talk to your Orthodontist to find out what treatment solution will rectify your open bite.

treating gaps

Gaps between your teeth can be corrected using braces or even discreet options such as Invisalign.

treating crowded teeth

There are different solutions depending on the level of crowding and your age, so talk to your Orthodontist about which is the best option for you.

treating crooked teeth

Get the smile you want with the treatment that suits you best, book your free consultation with your Clear Choice Orthodontist now.

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great for checkups and regular visits

monitor and treat gum disease and tooth decay

encourage good oral hygiene

sure you’ve already got a great Dentist so why go to an Orthodontist?


all Orthodontists are qualified dentists

they then study for an additional 3 years

including 5,000 hours of practical training

specialists in correcting misaligned teeth and jaws

trust your Orthodontist to give you your best smile

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no referral is necessary, so simply choose a handy location and a time that suits you, and your Clear Choice Orthodontist will discuss all of the options available to you, with no obligation

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get started at your first fitting

your Orthodontist will ensure your braces or aligners fit perfectly, and you can walk out knowing your new smile is already on its way

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live your life

modern braces and aligners are designed to work with minimal interruption to your normal routine.
you will need to pop in every 6-8 weeks to check on your progress

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