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Children's Braces

Everything you need to know about kids braces

In the majority of cases, the earlier treatment is started, the less intrusive it can be. By gently guiding teeth into the correct alignment as they develop with braces for kids, major intervention later on can often be avoided.

When your child needs braces, the options can be confusing.  Will traditional metal braces suffice or does your child’s personality mean that Clear Braces would be a better option?  What about Invisalign – is that suited to kids?  Will your child need one or more teeth extracted? What kind of post-treatment maintenance will be required? And how much will it all cost?

At Clear Choice Orthodontist, we’ve heard every question and we have an answer for every concern as you help your child get the dental treatment they need.  Read the following list of the most common questions for a great overview of orthodontic treatment.

Kids braces - What are my options?

Broadly, there are three options when it comes to correcting your bite or enhancing your smile.

Teeth Straightening - Clear Metal Braces

Traditional braces

This is what most people have in mind when they think about braces. But there’s more than one style available. Clear or tooth-coloured brackets make the braces much less noticeable. Or you can opt for maximum visibility and choose from a wide colour palette to match a sports team, school uniform or your mood every time you come in for an adjustment.


The gold standard in invisible alignment treatment. The Invisalign system consists of a graduated series of clear plastic aligners that can be removed when you eat or for special occasions. You need to wear them for at least 22 hours a day to be effective, but if you want a beautiful smile without a hint of braces, Invisalign is for you.

Invisible Braces

Also called Lingual Braces. These work just like traditional braces worn on the front of the teeth, only they’re worn on the inside of your teeth , making them almost completely invisible. Only your close friends and family will know you’re having your smile adjusted.

Everything you want to know about Kid's Braces

How much do braces for a child cost?

Every mouth is different and so is the cost. But taking a typical example of top and bottom teeth requiring metal braces worn on the front face of the teeth, you can anticipate a cost around $6,500 over 18-24 months.

We offer a range of affordable monthly payment plans to help you manage the cost.

An assessment in one of our practices will mean we can give you a firm cost estimate for your child’s treatment plan, allowing you to make a decision with all the facts at hand. Check out our FAQs for more answers to your questions.

When should your child get braces?

We recommend that your child come in to see us around the age of 7 or 8 for an assessment.

When we get the opportunity to see a patient early we can normally effectively anticipate what’s going to happen in the following years – making treatment more likely to be successful and permanent… and faster. Sometimes very simple treatment when young is all that is needed!

How long will my child need to wear braces?

Braces may be needed for between 6 months to 2 years. This gives us time to move the teeth gently in the jaws and to lock in a permanent result at the end of the treatment.

If you had braces, it’s good to know times have changed

If you had braces as a child, you might have had few alternatives to metal braces. These days, there are a wealth of alternative choices.

From metal braces with colours to light up your child’s smile, to lingual braces that sit on the inner surface of your child’s teeth and are almost invisible, to Invisalign – a near-invisible alignment system that can be removed for special occasions.

With all the choices available, which is best?

Each treatment method has some pros and cons that you will need to consider. That’s where your Clear Choice Orthodontist will be able to help. He or she will give you all the information you need, along with a recommendation based on years of experience treating all kinds of alignment problems and bite correction issues.

We deal with all the fear and uncertainty you and your child might have by taking the time to explain the issues at hand, the path your child’s teeth are taking, what the most likely outcome of various treatment options are and what’s involved in each. We won’t pressure you to make a decision.

Do I need a referral?

No, you can see an orthodontist without a referral. The rebate from your health fund is the same whether you have a referral or not.

Kids braces - Case Studies


Early Treatment

A thumbsucking habit had already affected the development of the front teeth, so intervention was required to realign the teeth as part of their natural development.


Anterior Crossbite

Early Treatment (Facemask)

A facemask was used (primarily whilst sleeping) to align the upper front teeth in front of the lower teeth.


Protrusive Teeth

Braces and Extractions

Overcrowding was causing a number of issues including a protruding overbite, so some teeth were extracted and then braces worn to allow the teeth to move to their correct position.

Your smile is unique...

…so your treatment will be as well.

Your local Orthodontist will be able to discuss all of the options suitable for your child’s teeth, and work out the ideal treatment plan.

So click the link below to find your nearest Clear Choice Orthodontist and get ready for your new smile.

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