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What is Dental Crowding?

If your have crowded teeth, they may affect their normal position or alignment as they push against each other. This can lead to overlapping or misaligned (twisted) teeth.

What causes Dental Crowding?

Typically Dental Crowding is a result of the size and shape of your teeth and jaws, which is something you inherit. There are some other factors that can cause this issue:

Can Crowded Teeth cause problems?

One of the biggest issues for crowded teeth, even in mild cases, is maintaining good oral hygiene. This can in turn lead to even bigger issues, such as tooth decay, gum disease, and discolouration. 

You may become embarrassed by your teeth and develop issues with self-esteem, plus you may experience any of the following health issues:

So how can Crowded Teeth be fixed?

Children and Teenagers

Crowding is a very common issue, and in most cases braces will be able to guide the teeth back to their correct position as they develop.

In some cases other solutions may be required, such as expanders that gradually change the shape of your jaw to create more space for the teeth, but typically braces and discreet aligners such as Invisalign will correct crowded teeth.


Braces and discreet aligners such as Invisalign can correct crowded teeth in a large number of cases. If the crowding is severe you may need to discuss tooth extraction with your Orthodontist.

What is malocclusion?

You may hear your Orthodontist using the term malocclusion - this simply means that the contact or alignment between your top and bottom teeth (occlusion) is incorrect (mal - meaning bad).

Case Studies

Crowded Teeth


Invisalign aligners were used to discreetly correct the teeth alignment. 


Adult Crowded Teeth


In this case Braces were used to realign the teeth eliminating crowding.


Teenage Crowded Teeth


Braces were used to realign the crooked teeth and eliminate crowding issues.


Your smile is unique...

…so your treatment will be as well.

Your local Orthodontist is specially trained to recognise the range of factors that contribute to Crowded Teeth, and they will be able to explain your options and discuss with you what suits you best and what you want.

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