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What is an Overbite?

An Overbite is when your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth. A small overbite is totally normal, but if the overlap is too big it can cause problems.

Overbites are the most common dental disorder in children.

Are there different types of Overbite?

Yes absolutely. If the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth by a lot, that can be referred to as a Vertical Overbite or a Deep Bite.

If the top teeth stick out or protrude then that’s called a Horizontal Overbite or an Overjet. Some people can have a vertical and a horizontal overbite.

Overbites can also be categorised depending on whether the overbite is caused by the teeth or the jaws being in the wrong position.

If the lower jaw is much smaller than the upper jaw this is called a Skeletal Overbite.

If the teeth are in the wrong position then this can affect the alignment of the top and bottom jaws, causing a Dental Overbite.

What causes an Overbite?

There are a number of causes for an overbite, although most commonly this is a hereditary condition that means the jaw grows in the wrong shape or size or position. There are other factors and behaviours that can also cause or contribute to an Overbite:

Can an Overbite cause problems?

In some cases an Overbite can significantly change the shape of the face, resulting in a receding chin and protruding teeth. In children especially this can cause issues of low self-esteem, and this can be the ideal time to look at the options available to correct the problem, as it can mean avoiding surgery in later life.

However treating an Overbite isn’t purely about aesthetics. In fact, overbites can cause health problems including:

So how can an Overbite be fixed?

Well it depends on what’s causing the issue, how much of an Overbite you have, and what age you are. 

Children and Teenagers

In some cases of Overbites the earlier you can start treatment the better. As the jaw and teeth are growing it’s possible to use braces, retainers or other devices such as expanders to help them end up in the right position.


For adults braces and aligners such as Invisalign can be very effective in realigning your teeth, which in some cases (Dental Overbite) is what’s causing the Overbite. 

If it’s the shape, size or position of the jaw that’s causing the issue (Skeletal Overbite), then the overbite can be fixed with surgery. 

What is malocclusion?​

You may hear your Orthodontist using the term malocclusion - this simply means that the contact or alignment between your top and bottom teeth (occlusion) is incorrect (mal - meaning bad).

Case Studies

Protrusive Teeth

Braces and Extractions

Overcrowding was causing a number of issues including a protruding overbite, so some teeth were extracted and then braces worn to allow the teeth to move to their correct position.

Protrusive Teeth


The lower jaw was repositioned using surgery, resulting in a correct alignment.


Protrusive Teeth


The teeth were protruding due their position rather than a jaw misalignment, so Invisalign was a great solution to discreetly correct this Overbite.


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Your local Orthodontist is specially trained to recognise the range of factors that contribute to an Overbite, and they will be able to explain your options and discuss with you what suits you best and what you want.

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