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What is an Underbite?

An Underbite is when your lower teeth overlap your upper teeth, and is usually associated with a protruding chin. 

Underbites are far less common than overbites, and can range from slight to severe, but living with even a mild Underbite can be difficult

What causes an Underbite?

There are a number of causes for an Underbite, although most commonly this is a hereditary condition that means the jaw grows in the wrong shape, size or position.

Can an Underbite cause problems?

Underbites are comparatively rare, so people tend to notice them more easily. Achieving a ‘normal’ smile can be harder for some, and additionally humans ‘jut’ our chins out to express certain emotions, so this can lead to more complicated social interactions. All of this results in feeling self-conscious and potentially having low self esteem.

In addition to the aesthetic element there are also some serious health problems associated with an Underbite:

So how to fix an Underbite?

Children and Teenagers

Ideally an Underbite should be treated early, while the jaw and teeth are developing. This provides the opportunity for your Orthodontist to identify the best system to guide your jaw into the correct position as it grows.

These systems are all non-surgical and include:


By the time you reach adulthood your jaw has stopped growing, so alignment devices are less effective. In the case of overcrowding your Orthodontist may suggest tooth extraction, otherwise surgery may be required to bring your jaws into alignment.

What is malocclusion?​

You may hear your Orthodontist using the term malocclusion - this simply means that the contact or alignment between your top and bottom teeth (occlusion) is incorrect (mal - meaning bad).

Case Studies

Protrusive Jaw


This protruding jaw was realigned via surgery, eliminating the open bite, and correcting the protruding chin.


Your smile is unique...

…so your treatment will be as well.

Your local Orthodontist is specially trained to recognise the range of factors that contribute to an Underbite, and they will be able to explain your options and discuss with you what suits you best and what you want.

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