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At MV Ortho, our highly professional team focus only on orthodontics and nothing else! We are intent on providing quality care, the best results possible, and an overall positive experience for every person that comes through our front door.

MV Ortho – Your Trusted Orthodontist in Mona Vale

Why choose MV Ortho for your orthodontic treatment?

Your treatment is unique to you, your expectations and the anatomical needs of your smile. Mona Vale Orthodontist, Dr Mun, customises each care plan to address those concerns – a plan that is as individual as you. We offer traditional orthodontic treatments, as well as sup-specialty services.

Every patient’s needs are important to us. It’s not just about providing you with a straighter smile – it’s about giving you the opportunity to make that process as simple as possible. Whether it’s through the variety of treatments that we have to offer, or working with you on an interest free payment plan, we take the time to meet your unique needs.

Although MV Ortho is a specialty practice, you can call us at any time to schedule a consultation for you or your child – referrals are most welcome, but are not necessary.

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 Dr Mun Jong

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1799 Pittwater Road
Mona Vale NSW 2103

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