What is the purpose of elastic bands for braces?

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of those elastic bands when you get braces? Turns out they apply steady pressure and help move certain teeth to correct your bite over time. They’re like tiny little heroes who battled tirelessly to fix your smile and never, ever give up. Your local Clear Choice Orthodontist can tell you all about elastics.

In case you were wondering – no, they are not normal elastic bands or hair bands!

Elastics for braces are usually crafted from medical-grade latex, which is safe to be in contact with your mouth. There are latex-free options also available.

Elastic bands for braces

Do all braces come with rubber bands? Not always. Elastics for braces may be used in orthodontics to apply additional pressure in a specific direction to realign individual teeth.

Why don’t all braces have rubber bands on them?

Not every patient who gets braces will require elastics. Your orthodontist will assess the need for elastics depending on your existing jaw alignment and recommend a treatment to achieve the desired correction.

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Do rubber bands on braces hurt?

Elastics place additional pressure on your teeth and jaws to ensure they move into the correct position, so it’s normal to feel some short-term discomfort when using rubber bands with your braces.

When first fitted, drinking cold water or taking over-the-counter pain relief medication can provide some relief from the initial discomfort. If pain persists for an extended period – more than a few days following a fitting – it’s best to make an appointment with your Clear Choice Orthodontist so they can ensure the rubber bands are fitted properly to minimise pain.

Your orthodontist will also demonstrate how to wear the elastics, so it will soon become second nature for you to replace them yourself when required.

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Your local Orthodontist is specially trained to explain why elastics are required on braces in some cases, and they will be able to explain your options and discuss with you what suits you best and what you want.

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