Wisdom Teeth and Orthodontic Treatment: Should I be worried?

Wisdom teeth are the third and last molars, found at the very back on each side of the upper and lower jaws. Wisdom teeth are the final teeth to grow through the gums (erupt), usually appearing in the mouth when a person is in their late teens or early twenties requiring orthodontic treatment in some cases.

Wisdom Teeth

Will wisdom teeth affect my smile after braces? Your Clear Choice Orthodontist can recommend orthodontic treatment if your wisdom teeth cause previously straight teeth to be crooked.

Should I have my wisdom teeth removed, and when should I do this?

While wisdom teeth typically will not harm a straight smile achieved through orthodontic work, removing them may still be recommended to ensure the overall health of your mouth.

Your Clear Choice Orthodontist can answer any questions and help you learn more about your jaw.

The main reasons for wisdom tooth removal are:

For some people, these teeth will come through properly aligned, and while it’s likely they’ll experience some tenderness and ‘teething’ around their gums as the teeth erupt into the mouth, it won’t necessarily be painful. In this instance, it’s unlikely removal will be necessary.

However, sometimes your wisdom teeth can be painful or uncomfortable when they come through. It could be that there’s not enough room in your mouth for them, so they are putting pressure on the other adjacent teeth, possibly shifting their positions. It could also be because the tooth is trying to come in sideways or has become jammed or “impacted” behind the last tooth in the mouth. In this instance, the gum covering the wisdom tooth can become swollen and infected, which might make your jaw or the area around your ear sore.

One of the best ways for your orthodontist to tell how your wisdom tooth is coming through will be to take an x-ray of your mouth.

Should I be worried about my wisdom teeth coming through and moving my teeth?

Shifting teeth is a normal occurrence. Over our lifespan teeth gradually drift to the front and centre of our mouths. Wisdom teeth are a little different as they seem to erupt almost suddenly. If your wisdom teeth come through straight, then there is little movement in the teeth in the rest of your mouth. But if your wisdom teeth are impacted (growing inwardly toward the gum) or growing crooked/angled, then it is likely that other teeth will have shifted more. They will then shift again after the removal of your wisdom teeth.

How do wisdom teeth affect straightened teeth?

Every person and every case is different. Your Clear Choice Orthodontist can offer further advice about whether you should have your wisdom tooth removed and how this might affect your orthodontic treatment in the long term.

It’s a good idea to make an appointment when you start to feel wisdom teeth coming through to discuss the relevant treatment options for your individual case. They will be able to take a closer look at how the wisdom teeth are impacting on the rest of your teeth, arrange an x-ray of the teeth and jaws, and advise on whether you’ll need to take further action.

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