How braces can change the shape of your face

Did you know that some forms of orthodontic treatment can change the shape of your face as well as your smile? While realigning your teeth from crooked to straight will transform your smile, there are a number of more subtle changes to the shape of your face that can happen during the course of your treatment. They may be a little more difficult to spot, but here are some surprising ways braces may change your facial appearance.

Changes to facial shape

Braces will straighten your teeth and transform your smile but did you know they can change the shape of your face? Here are some of the most surprising ways braces change your appearance.

Correcting an overbite or underbite may change your facial appearance

If you have a large “overbite” or “underbite”, your misaligned jaw or protruding teeth will impact your facial appearance. An overbite can give the appearance of undefined lower jaw and weak chin, while an underbite makes the lower jaw look more prominent and the cheeks appear sunken. Orthodontic treatment can result in minor changes to your facial shape, depending on the severity of the problems being treated.

When can braces improve your jawline?

Optimal orthodontic treatment outcomes should achieve a balance of cosmetic improvement to the teeth, smile, face and jawline as well as a stable, comfortable and functional bite. Whilst orthodontic treatment can change or improve the “jawline”, it usually requires expansion appliances, functional appliances, elastics or surgery, in addition to braces or aligners to achieve a noticeable change.

Concurrent correction of a misaligned bite will always be the priority for your specialist orthodontist.

Some orthodontic treatment can change the shape of your mouth

You may notice a change in how your mouth looks, depending on the type of malocclusion that is being corrected. This is because some conditions – such as an open bite – can make it difficult to close the mouth completely, giving the mouth a stretched appearance. Correcting the bite will help change the shape of your mouth when it’s closed.

Having braces can change your lips

Because the prominence or “fullness” of the lips is directly affected by the forward position and alignment of the front teeth, you may notice your lips look different after getting braces and other forms of orthodontic treatment. As the front teeth move into better positions, the shape of your lips will also change somewhat too. Part of the initial patient assessment involves your orthodontist carefully assessing the lips and face, to take any expected changes into account when planning your treatment. This is to ensure the final treatment result leaves your teeth, smile, lips and face as beautiful and balanced as possible.

Braces can make you look younger

Undergoing orthodontic treatment as an adult can make you feel like you’re back in your teens  – especially if you are wearing braces –  but it’s actually after your treatment is completed that people really notice a more youthful appearance. In some cases, correcting the jaw alignment can also make the skin under the chin appear tighter, softening the look of wrinkles and effectively winding back the ageing process a little.

Braces change your appearance through confidence too!

You might not experience the type of results mentioned above. However, once your treatment is completed, it is very likely that you’ll be more confident and will want to show off your new smile at every opportunity!

If you tend to avoid smiling because you’re self-conscious about your crooked teeth, then having orthodontic treatment will remove the need to hide your teeth. It’s likely you’ll transform your appearance through your new-found confidence to beam broadly at every person you meet. Discuss your opttions today with a free assessment from a Clear Choice Orthodontist.

Your smile is unique...

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