Safe foods for eating with braces

Getting braces is an extremely exciting time, but braces are only effective when you care for them properly, which includes knowing what foods are safe to eat with braces and what foods to avoid.

Foods to eat with braces

The best foods to eat with braces are low in sugar and do not require excessive chewing, including:

Safe foods to eat with braces

Anyone who wears fixed braces should learn what foods to avoid with braces. Stay away from excessive snacking and aim to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Foods for first week of braces

During the first week of getting braces as your mouth adjusts, it’s normal to feel some discomfort. Soft foods such as yoghurt, boiled vegetables, soft meats, stewed fruit and thin soups are recommended to avoid putting additional pressure on your teeth, which may be feeling sensitive and tender.

Foods to avoid with braces

Anyone who wears fixed braces should avoid excessive snacking and should aim to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Foods to avoid with braces include…

What happens if you eat the wrong foods?

Eating the wrong foods can cause some discomfort and put you at risk of breaking your brackets or wires, requiring unscheduled trips to your orthodontist to fix. It may also increase your total treatment time.

If you frequently eat foods that can get stuck in your braces or are high in sugar content you can cause lasting damage to your teeth. Trapped food creates an environment that encourages plaque and bacteria to thrive whilst sugary foods can result in cavities.

General pointers on looking after your mouth and braces

Regardless of what types of foods you eat with braces, it is important to keep the crevices between the teeth and around the braces very clean. That means brushing and flossing at least twice each day. Not clearing trapped food promotes bacteria which can cause damage to the teeth and gums, or result in permanent discolouration.

To ensure the best results from your fixed braces, follow this advice about safe foods for braces and always ask your Clear Choice orthodontist if you have any questions or concerns.

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