Does it matter if my child has crooked baby teeth?

Even though your child’s baby teeth (also known as milk or deciduous teeth) will eventually be replaced, their adult teeth tend to be larger than their predecessors. This means that if they have crooked baby teeth, they’re likely to require orthodontic treatment in the future when their adult teeth have come in.

If your child’s baby teeth are crooked, it’s a good idea to ask an orthodontist. They can examine your child’s teeth to see if early intervention would be beneficial.

Crooked baby teeth

Does it matter if they are going to fall out anyway? Your orthodontist can examine your child’s crooked baby teeth and recommend if early intervention is beneficial.

What causes crooked milk teeth?

There are many reasons your child’s baby teeth may be crooked. Causes include habits such as thumb sucking, an accident or just simply genetics. Wearing a dummy for a prolonged period of time, past two years old, may affect the way your child’s teeth grow and develop.

If habits are the cause of unwanted tooth movements, then you should try to help your child stop the habit as soon as possible.

What can I do if my child’s milk teeth are crooked?

It is best to consult an orthodontist if your child develops crooked teeth, to establish if any treatment is required. In some cases, a child may require early intervention – often referred to as Phase I treatment – where a plate or other appliance is worn to correct the issue or prevent the problem from becoming more complex.

It is also important that you help your child maintain good oral hygiene and develop an effective cleaning routine to support the health of their teeth and gums.

When should I consult an orthodontist about crooked baby teeth?

We recommend your child has an orthodontic assessment by 7-8 years of age. This allows your orthodontist to monitor the growth of the upper and lower jaws and the development of their deciduous (baby) and permanent teeth. Possible space-saving or space maintenance, and jaw growth considerations can occur at the optimal time.

Establishing a relationship with your orthodontist will help you plan your budget and possible needs for health insurance appropriately. Consider a free assessment with a Clear Choice Orthodontist today.

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