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Dr Straight Teeth is a boutique orthodontic practice servicing the Darling Downs. Underpinned by a focus on comprehensive care, Dr Straight Teeth’s hands on approach delivers great results.

Dr Straight Teeth – Your trusted Orthodontist in Toowoomba

Why choose Dr Straight Teeth for your orthodontic treatment?

Our state of the art, purpose built facility enables our chief orthodontist Dr David Tait, to see every patient and their accompanying parent, at every visit.  Our systems and processes, technical expertise and digital technology combine with friendly, personalised care provided by our team.  A key part of our service is our monthly visits to Goondiwindi to ensure our regional patients can be seen personally by Dr Tait at all their appointments.

Dr David Tait is recognised as a leading Specialist Orthodontist.

He brings to Toowoomba and its surrounding regions world leading techniques which he mastered while training in North America and Canada.

The program he undertook in Winnipeg, Manitoba taught world leading techniques in the bio-mechanics of orthodontic tooth movement.

He also gained international experience from the prestigious Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto Canada where he undertook a highly specialised Clinical Studies Fellowship only completed by a handful of Australian practitioners.

This Fellowship saw him involved in the orthodontic treatment of the most complex dentofacial disorders such as patients with cleft lip and plate, and other craniofacial disorders.

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 Dr David Tait

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60 Lindsay Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350

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