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Utilising the latest advances in technology, we can treat you better, quicker, more comfortably and less noticeably than ever before with results that can last a lifetime.

Dr Andrew J Pitsis – Your trusted Orthodontist in Sydney CBD

Why choose Dr Andrew J Pitsis for your orthodontic treatment?

As the only Specialist Orthodontist in his boutique practice you’re guaranteed that Dr Andrew Pitsis will treat you at every appointment, ensuring an exclusive VIP experience. His team is very experienced and friendly and 2 of his nurses can speak Mandarin and Cantonese to translate if required.

We do more than just straighten teeth. If you’re wanting to improve the appearance or health of your face, jaws, teeth or smile in order to look and feel better, we’re here to help. We’re also trained to monitor your child’s growth so as to know when it’s the best time for treatment. This helps minimise costs and treatment times as well as avoiding tooth extractions and jaw surgery.

Your personalised plan will not only help improve your overall teeth and gum health and function, the benefits may extend to your lips, jaw and jaw joints, smile, speech and face.

To ensure the best personalised service, long-term options and the most effective treatments available to improve the appearance and health of your or your family’s face, jaws, teeth or smile book a consultation today!


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 Dr Andrew J Pitsis

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