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Mehta Orthodontics gives young children, teenagers and adults the confidence to share their smile with the world. Our state of the art equipment and technology innovations are at the foundation of our caring and fun environment. We forge strong relationships with all of our patients and our name represents quality and respect to our patients and families, our profession and our community.

Mehta Orthodontics – Your trusted Orthodontist in Bella Vista

Why choose Mehta Orthodontics for your orthodontic treatment?

Mehta Orthodontics employs a team-based approach to providing exceptional customer service and outstanding results for every one of our patients. Our team consists of referring specialists and dentists, support staff, family and friends, and you.

We are passionate about providing quality orthodontic treatment in a friendly and caring environment.

We use state of the art technology to achieve the best possible treatment outcome which is efficient and cost effective for you.

We recognise that when our patients decide to proceed with orthodontic treatment, it is the beginning of an important relationship. Our culture of customer service and orthodontic excellence makes our relationship with you and your family a positive and valuable one.

The team at Mehta Orthodontics is passionate about providing patients with an excellent orthodontic experience and achieving outstanding results for young children, teenagers and adults.

Helping you and/or your children to learn to smile again and facilitating life-long confidence and health is our priority.

Our Orthodontists

 Dr Atul Mehta

Practice Address

Suite 313
Q Central Building
10 Norbrik Drive
Bella Vista NSW 2153

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