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When you walk into our office there is a calmness and a feeling of professionalism with a smile. Chatswood Orthodontics are affordable, are lingual Specialist and offer 3D simulation.

Chatswood Orthodontics Sydney – Your trusted Orthodontist in Chatswood

Why choose Chatswood Orthodontics for your orthodontic treatment? 

Chatswood Orthodontics is located in Sydney’s North Shore and we provide a full range of orthodontic care for all age groups using the latest advancements in orthodontic treatment.

We enjoy treating both children and adults with an emphasis on achieving facial and dental harmony. Both Dr Nour Tarraf and Dr Anastasia Bakopoulou believe in the importance of correct treatment timing in growing children through growth modification, when necessary, to reduce or minimise the need for complicated treatment in the future, and to achieve the best dental and facial outcomes. We offer a full range of ‘Invisible Orthodontic Treatment’, for adults and teenagers including Clear Aligners such as Invisalign and Lingual (behind the teeth) Braces using recognised brands like Incognito, WIN and SureSmile. All our smiles are customized and 3D-Designed to cater for each individual patient.

At Chatswood Orthodontics, we understand that embarking in orthodontic treatment is an important decision for parents of children, and adults going through their own treatment. That’s why our Orthodontists believe everyone should be given the choice to choose a treatment they are comfortable with, therefore, we ensure our team has the skills and expertise to deliver beautiful results on all occasions.

Our Orthodontists

 Dr Nour Tarraf
 Dr Anastasia Bakopoulou

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13 Spring Street
Chatswood NSW 2067

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