Everything you need to know about Invisible Braces

Lingual braces give you the confidence to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. Because the wires and brackets are attached behind your teeth they can take slightly longer for the tongue to adapt to than traditional braces or Invisalign.

Lingual (meaning tongue) braces are also sometimes called Invisible braces as they are placed behind your teeth.

Invisible braces are an excellent treatment option to help you align your teeth while keeping all the beauty of your natural smile. Also called Lingual Braces, they are fast and effective yet completely hidden to the eye.

Invisible Braces: Costs plus everything else you need to know

Invisible Braces work in much the same way as traditional braces, except the archwires that do the job of alignment are placed on the back of your teeth. This means that everyone except your close friends and family won’t know you’re having your smile enhanced.

If you feel that traditional braces might be too awkward but you’re not a candidate for Invisalign or you are worried about the cost, Invisible Braces are an excellent alternative.

How much do Invisible Braces Cost?

Everyone’s treatment plan is different, because everyone’s mouth is unique.

With that in mind, however, the cost for Invisible Braces in Australia is typically between $ 5000 and $ 14000 over 12-36 months.

But you don’t need to pay that in a one-off lump sum. In fact, Clear Choice Orthodontists offers an innovative payment plan that breaks down the up-front and ongoing costs into a simple monthly direct debit. There’s no big debt at the end of the process – you can just go on with your life, flashing your beautiful new smile at everyone you meet.

Can anyone get Invisible braces?

Sadly, no, not everyone is a candidate. You will need to be assessed by one of the doctors at Clear Choice Orthodontists to find out if your teeth are suited.

The good news is that Invisible Braces suit around 95% of candidates. So there’s an excellent chance that it will suit you. Call us on 1300 4 A SMILE and talk to one of our experienced and friendly staff today.

But will they rub against my tongue and change my speech? And what about eating?

They will certainly take a day or two for you to adjust. Your tongue is used to resting against your teeth and there will be a new item in your mouth that will feel strange at the start. The brackets that hold the archwires are designed to be smooth and comfortable against your tongue though so they won’t rub. Pretty soon, they will feel quite normal.

The braces may affect your speech. Your tongue needs to touch the edges of your front teeth and the roof of your mouth to pronounce your words and the invisible braces may interfere with that. After a short time you should feel completely comfortable and continue to live life without any unnatural sensation.

Invisible Braces won’t stop you from eating what you like either. The cutting or grinding edges of your teeth remain clear of the braces so you won’t have any trouble carrying on as normal. Keeping up good dental hygiene and regular cleaning will be important, but that’s just good practice everyday – maintaining your braces won’t be a burden.

What’s the process for fitting invisible braces?

When you first visit us we will examine your teeth and talk to you about your concerns. We will take some photos, an X-ray and perhaps even a dental mould so that we can get a good handle on what actions to take to enhance your smile or correct a bite problem. We’ll make recommendations on what your options are and if you choose invisible braces we’ll talk you through the process in detail.

Invisible Braces gallery: Before and After

View our gallery of invisible braces to see just how hard it is to detect when someone is wearing invisible braces (lingual braces).